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Yoga - Skinwalker [10201967LP]

“Yoga takes the lo-fi practice-space recordings of the grimmest of the black metal outfits and combines it with the murky, muddy, noise-drenched blur of bands like Wold. But then takes it even further, rendering their sound so muted and lo-fidelity that even when they’re blasting furiously, it still sounds like a busted music box or an old black metal 78. And then there’s the fact that Yoga spends a good amount of their time not blasting blackly, but instead crafting synth-heavy Goblin-style film music, all throbbing bass and buzzing synths, creepy minor-key melodies and tons of haunting ambience. Those songs too are wreathed in a foggy, night-on-the-moors sort of murk, which ties those songs closely to the more blackened ones.
“The strange combination of grim and Goblin, the tripped-out fucked-up recording quality, the damaged arrangements, the looped hypnotic quality, turn Yoga into something totally out there, most likely way too abstract and psychedelic and deliriously lo-fi to appeal to folks looking for grim, buzzing blackness, but for the rest of you, if you can try to imagine some impossible mix of Philip Jeck, Wold, Goblin, the Skaters and some of the super weird EEE Records unblack bands, all produced by John Maus and Ariel Pink, then you will flip for this.” —Aquarius

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LP is $18.00 ppd to the US
LP is $25.00 ppd to Canada
LP is $32.00 ppd outside US/Canada

Yoga - Megafauna [771947]

Yoga - Megafauna [771947LP]

Understand this: Yoga dispenses a sinister frailty of howling swellsin hissing static that combusts into crawling shock heaps, to the effectof Mayhem performing Twin Peaks incidentals in a prairie recordedby The KLF. A brief description casts them as black metal's answer to Throbbing Gristle. The texture-based rendering of their compositionssails them on a strange sea between song and sound effect as itbobs along the waves like a dead man s bottled message. Aspects ofGoblin rehearsals in dead hills is interrupted as Monster Zero carvesmountain sides with lightning breath. Oscillating leads pummel intochurning riffs as if Caledonia was performed in an echo chamber near Lodi, New Jersey. The extrinsic properties of this work may resultin disambiguation.

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CD is $13.00 ppd to the US
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LP is $18.00 ppd to the US
LP is $25.00 ppd to Canada
LP is $32.00 ppd outside US/Canada

Yoga "Encante" video by Kevin DiTrapano